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people are the key to the success of your business

We can help you hire and manage employees.

We are a team of professionals with vast experience in providing HR-related services for companies as outsourcing partners. We have branches in the USA and other countries. Our staff consists of more than 70 highly-qualified recruiters and HR managers.
Our services include search for candidates, including executive search and headhunting. Also, we provide consulting services, manage your teams, and make sure that your staff is satisfied with everything.
We use modern HR tools and software to manage all processes and provide our clients with timely reports.

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why choose us


Work with a well-established and reliable HR company.

Our main goal is to free your time so that you can focus on business development. Our benefits are as follows:

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    Urgent hire

    Time is money for any business. The average time for hiring a candidate, from submitting a resume to signing a contract, is 10 days.

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    Own database of candidates

    LinkedIn, Facebook, and Indeed are not enough. We have our own sources to fill the database of candidates.

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    Boosting employee satisfaction

    One of our main goals is to ensure that your employees are satisfied with their working conditions and do not quit.

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    Staff development

    Our HR managers draw up an individual development plan for each employee and improve the corporate culture.

Spending too much time on HR-Related tasks?

Better focus on your business and leave all the tasks related to recruitment and personnel management to us. We will find and manage the right people.


Our Team

Meet our HR managers and recruiters.


Samantha Thana

HR Generalist


Damian Walles

CHIEF Recruiter


Jessica Adamson

executive headhunter


Andrew Shimmer

CHIEF executive officer


Frequently Asked Questions

If you didn't find the answer to your question in this section, feel free to contact us.

HR Partner is a consulting and recruiting company with more than 5 years in various countries. We seamlessly incorporate into your company and take care of all processes related to personnel.

    Full-stack HR support.

    Recruitment and headhunting.

    Talent retention.

HR Partner brings you peace of mind!

  • Why do we need HR services?

    You do not have to understand all the nuances of HR management and recruiting. Our specialists are ready to cover these issues from A to Z.

  • How do recruiting and Hr differ?

    The tasks of an HR specialist are personnel management, ensuring their satisfaction, and solving issues inside the company. Recruiting refers directly to hiring staff.

  • How do you select and hire employees?

    Our company uses its own method of candidate selection for your company. We have implemented a variety of methods for testing applicants, which allows us to reduce the probability of bad hires.

  • why do we need corporate culture?

    Corporate culture empowers employees to grow within your company and take ownership of ideas and projects.

  • Do you have headhunting services?

    Yes, we have vast experience in recruiting top-level specialists that are not looking for jobs right now.

  • Do you work remotely?

    We have recruiters and HR specialists that work remotely and can be easily integrated into your company, wherever you are located.

  • How to start collaboration with you?

    Contact us to have the first free consultation so that we can learn about your needs and goals.